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Did you know that even small amounts of mercury found in fish can interfere with brain development, poison the kidneys, making exposure particularly risky for children younger than six and women in their childbearing years? Although, toxic metals are commonly present in the environment, the prevailing source of disease come from what we consume. The biology of the human cell is simple. A cell needs to consume nutrients and oxygen to produce energy. Similar to any living creature, after the consumption of nutrients, the cell needs to eliminate the build up waste. Adverse lifestyle and diet choices slow down the...

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Our body reacts to processed food with an immune defence reaction called digestive leukocytosis. This activates white blood cells and triggers an auto-immune response. The body then treats the food as a toxin and not a nourisher.   According to a swiss doctor Paul Kouchakoff who was the first to show from experiments in 1930’s that if we consume 51% of cooked food our body would react to it as if it was invaded by foreign organisms. The solution is simple, eat 51% of your meals raw to avoid leukocytosis, so your immune system would not be activated with a false...

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Manuka honey can fight fatal infections Did you know that there haven’t been any new antibiotics detected since 1987? Antibiotic resistance is on the rise – and it’s threatening to destroy one of our most trusted and widely-used methods of treating diseases. This far-reaching issue is worrying scientists from all around the globe who are now starting to look for viable alternatives that can help fight off persistent infections. Researchers have made a recent discovery regarding Manuka honey, which has shown very promising results in healing wounds and destroying resistant bacteria.   Bacterial Prevention 101 Made from the nectar of...

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Being unhealthy isn’t on anybody's favourite list of things really. The painful truth is, over 39% of the world population in the industrialised countries are overweight (WHO research, 2014). But the actual problem arises when, of course still being in good health, we choose to be ignorant of this matter. However, you and I are still paying for the ill health of others from our own pockets. This goes out from our taxes to support the healthcare system that helps treat these people for having the heart, gut or other related problems. So, why should we waste our money to...

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The oldest evidence, pumpkin-related seeds dating between 7000 and 5500 BC, was found in Mexico. Back home, your health guru never celebrated the Halloween. In the 90’s Russia then we could only learn about this festivity from a wave of Hollywood films. I remember eating lots of pumpkin seeds (pepitas) as they are - in their raw form. So, why this superfood must be consumed beyond the month of October? Can it boost our health? Absolutely! Here’re 6 reasons why pumpkin is your next best friend :1. Protect Your Package and Increase Libido. The pumpkin seeds and pumpkins themselves are...

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