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You Will Get Sick if You Ignore These 5 Sources of Desease

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You Will Get Sick if You Ignore These 5 Sources of Desease

Did you know that even small amounts of mercury found in fish can interfere with brain development, poison the kidneys, making exposure particularly risky for children younger than six and women in their childbearing years?

Although, toxic metals are commonly present in the environment, the prevailing source of disease come from what we consume.

The biology of the human cell is simple. A cell needs to consume nutrients and oxygen to produce energy. Similar to any living creature, after the consumption of nutrients, the cell needs to eliminate the build up waste. Adverse lifestyle and diet choices slow down the elimination and increase the toxic waste creating a poisonous environment within our system.
Drawing from a number of factors of influence, disease occurs when our body destructive activities overwhelm the regenerating activities. When a cell is busy with increasing demands for elimination of waste, there’s less energy produced for the body to function. This is when the body enters into a deficient state of force and may feel chronically fatigued in the middle of the day.

Remember the fun days of young age when you couldn’t get to sleep, still bursting with the energy after running around all day? The hard truth is, as we age, the increasing lack of energy can be directly linked to the growth of internal poisons which.
And the causes are :

1. autointoxication - highly acidic food and lifestyle
2. chemical poisoning - mercury + other toxic metals in food, air and water pollution
3. nerve impingement - lack of exercise and unbalanced posture
4. physical rapture - bruises, cuts and springs
5. destructive mindset and negative thoughts - low self-esteem and lack of self-awareness
The last point is twice as important as it affects our behaviour, adding an extra chocolate bar on a daily "munch-list" 😉

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