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The Tiny Healers With Gigantic Remedial Powers. Introducing - Sprouted Grains.

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The Tiny Healers With Gigantic Remedial Powers. Introducing - Sprouted Grains.

What Yogis Think About Sprouted Grains

A Swiss yogi Gisela Schmidt, who researched the health benefits of sprouted grains and experienced them first-hand, wrote the following: "I started taking sprouted wheat grains for breakfast when I was 54.

In a few months my gray hair got its natural colour back and became elastic and thick. My eyesight was fully recovered, I regained my energy and overcame fatigue. I can work hard even now, when I’ve turned 75."

Healing power of sprouted grains

Sprouted Wheat

The substances found in sprouted wheat boost immunity, provide energy, detoxify liver, kidneys, bladder and intestinal tract. They remove swellings, heal injuries and ulcers, improve hair and skin.

After a year of regular consumption, wheat sprouts cleanse the whole body. The hair looks better than after being washed with expensive shampoos and masks.

Sprouted wheat prevents tooth decay and cancer, enhances tonus, soothes the nerves and improves sleep.


Sprouted Oats

Sprouted oats are extremely beneficial for treating various illnesses, such as tuberculosis, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and thyroid disorders, as well as hepatitis. They help to recover after injuries or extended illnesses by restoring immunity, strengthening muscles, stabilizing stomach and intestines, and renewing the blood composition. The latter is extremely efficient for preventing the clotting which can cause a very dangerous condition called thrombosis.


Sprouted Beans

Sprouted beans have a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and binding effect, speed up wound healing, improve skin and complexion. With few calories, they help to lose weight, while remaining a great energy source.

People usually sprout gram, the so-called chickpea, containing a lot of vitamins A, B, C, manganese, silicon, iron, boron, potassium and calcium, as well as fiber, carbohydrates, high-quality protein and amino acids.

Sprouted mungbeans

Sprouted Barley

Sprouted barley is very healthy. It improves endurance and normalizes the acid-alkaline balance. No wonder, since it contains vitamins B12, K and C, pro-vitamin A, zinc, copper, manganese and iron.


Sprouted Rye 

Sprouted rye helps to fight microbes and viruses, removes phlegm from the lungs in case of respiratory diseases, stabilizes the blood glucose level, rids the body of toxins and radionuclides, prevents atherosclerosis and premature aging.


Sprouted Pumpkin

Pumpkin sprouts are very beneficial for men, especially for those over 40, since they are rich in zinc that keeps prostate healthy. They also improve brain activity, the genitourinary system, and provide the body with high-quality fats and protein, vitamins C, E, B, as well as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt and copper.


Sprouted Lentil

Lentil contains a lot of high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper and vitamins F, E and B. When its seeds are sprouting, the vitamin С levels grow by 600 times, which is more than in any other food.

Sprouted lentil is especially beneficial for people suffering from anemia and prone to bleedings, colds, bronchitis, sore throat and pneumonia.


Sprouted Milk Thistle 

Milk thistle restores and revives liver cells. Its sprouts contain flavonoids - extremely active compounds protecting body cells. They also contain microelements, such as selenium and zinc, and vitamins A, E, F, K, D. The sprouts stimulate bile formation and excretion, and protect the liver from toxins and infections. They help to treat acute and chronic liver disorders, allergies, colitis, piles, cholecystitis and splenitis, and to dissolve and excrete the stones.

Healing sprouts


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