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The Frozen Secret to Always Look Young

The Frozen Secret to Always Look Young

Morning massage with ice cubes refreshes and tightens pores. Cosmetic ice is an effective anti-ageing remedy. It is easy to prepare and fast to apply.

Brief cooling narrows superficial blood vessels and widens the deep ones. The ice massage significantly increases blood circulation to the skin cells boosting metabolism. This gives cheeks a natural glow and makes skin more elastic.Ice cubes are most effective for young people: they eliminate first small wrinkles, make the skin less dry and dull. But they are not that beneficial for the middle-aged, even though they keep the skin bright and fresh.

Ice massage two times a day can improve health. Use the cubes to rub not only your face, but also your neck and the décolleté area. You should do it fast, with light touches. Do not keep the cubes at one spot for too long. It is more beneficial to let the skin dry on its own and not to wipe it with a towel. This way it will absorb most of the healthy components contained in cosmetic ice.

Ice cubes can have various ingredients. The cubes from mineral water are the easiest to prepare. Just pour the water on ice trays and allow it to freeze. It’s best to use non-carbonated water. Mineral water ice works perfectly on all skin types, just like cubes made from strong green tea.

If your skin is inflamed, you can treat it with celandine extract cubes. Pour a glass of hot water on a spoon with the herb, sift and freeze it. The celandine ice will remove acne from your skin. The same effect is produced by chamomile and sage teas.

To clean the skin and eliminate pigmentation, use rice water cubes. Wash the rice, boil it, drain it in a sieve, pour the rice water on ice trays and freeze it.

Skin can also be cleaned with fruit ice. You can prepare it using either lemon or grapefruit juice. Squeeze a fruit and dilute the juice in hot water at the 1:1 ratio. Pour the mixture on trays and put them into the freezer. After applying the ice do not wash the face for 20 minutes.



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