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The Immune System and COVID-19: What You Need to Know to Stay Protected

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The Immune System and COVID-19: What You Need to Know to Stay Protected

According to World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 has become a global pandemic affecting everyone of us regardless of health, social status or geographic location. In this times of uncertainty I know you want to give yourself and your family the best guide on your nutrition, exercise and what supplements to boost your body’s best defense - your immune system.


COVID-19 statistics

The myth to be dispelled right and foremost is there’s no food, exercise or supplements that can improve your immunity to the point of absolution. In other words, you can’t rely on food or physical exercise to protect you from the virus.


However, it is the good hygiene, mundane practice of washing or disinfecting your hands , washing or disinfecting your groceries  are the best ways to avoid and help control the spread of COVID-19.
The best way to protect yourself
Your immune system functions optimally on the number of necessary nutrients such as copper, folate, iron, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D. The entirety of this nutrients have a synergism with one another in the context of a balanced diet helping fight infections and preventing diseases. 
Foods in focus should be all wholegrain, high fiber, plant based fats, fruits and vegetables - all in their most natural form with minimal processing. Ideally, you would want to focus on live and raw foods to achieve the maximum beneficial effect.


It’s still unknown scientifically what are the best supplements to ward off against the COVID-19 virus. However, the following are common most effective supplements that have proven extremely beneficial to fight common cold and flu symptoms. 
Vitamin C
This vitamin can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, for e.g. sweet peppers, kiwi, oranges, lemon and broccoli. At times where vitamin C-rich foods are scarce, you can obtain in from a supplement.

The recommended daily intake of 200mg  to assist in fighting colds.

This dosage may positively affect the duration and severity of cold symptoms. For athletes, the intake of vitamin-C may reduce the incidence of colds as much as by 50%. There’s absolutely no benefit from taking in a higher dose orally (1-8 g/day) once you’re already impacted by the virus and can be compared to the effect of placebo.
Vitamin C to help with COVID-19
This mineral is found in rich quantities in beef, oysters, fish and other seafood. Vegetarians and vegans will find ample quantities of Zinc in pumpkin seeds and baked beans. There are also sync lozenges, syrup and other supplements available as a substitute.
Taking a Zinc supplement within 24 hour period of being infected may reduce the severity of the symptoms. There’s no recommended dose as it is unknown and depends on individual nutrient absorption level.
However, make sure not to take more than 40mg per day as this may cause toxicity and have both acute and chronic effects.

It is recommended to avoid usage of zinc nasal spray as this affects and may cause a loss of smell. 

Since a whopping 70% of your immune system is in your gut, probiotics which have good gut bacteria can play a major role in keeping your immune system in check. In order to ward off colds, your body will need about 10 billion active probiotic cultures per day. This amount can be reached through supplements or fermented foods like yogurt, sour cabbage and other pickled vegetables. In order to be effective to help fight the respiratory viruses  and diseases you must take the probiotics every day for at least three months before the cold and flu season begins. 
How does sugar impact on your immunity?
Albeit the lack of evidence that sugar impacts on our immunity, it’s proven that obese people have been found to be more prone to infection due to impaired immunity.

By and large, foods that are packed with energy but poor in nutrients (i.e. deep fries, confectionery and fizzy drinks) should be avoided to prevent from malnutrition and excessive weight gain. 

Active morning yoga, cold shower and breathing flows
Alo Yoga
    • Movement is life. When moving through the yoga flows we do both Work out and Work in. Yoga encompasses both muscle work and mental work. This morning yoga flow by Alo Yoga has been my favourite since staying home from the end of March 2020. You can get a free 10-45 minutes class from YouTube by Alo Yoga
    • One of the best routines I have discovered in 2018 is Wim Hof breathing technique. This man claims he can exercise control over his immune system to defeat illness. When you practice the breathing method you would completely oxygenates your cells and alkalie your entire body. This of course increases your immune system defense levels.
    • Another one of the methods of this 22 world record holder is standing under a cold shower! As Wim says, “the cold is the greatest teacher.” This cold shower flow and many others could be found from his free app!
Wim Hof Mobile App

I do these in a morning flow cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off starting with a yoga workout, followed by the Wim Hof breathing and finishing off with his cold shower exercise. 

In spite of a high saturation published media promoting specific foods and supplements that make a claim to help you prevent/protect from COVID-19/Coronavirus, beware of misinformation when specific products are claimed to “cure” or “treat” the virus. In these uncertain times there are people all over the world trying to ride the profit wave on this pandemic through influence of fear tactics. For factual information, look for the official health authority bodies of your government or university research papers and information for tested, evidence based solutions. 
Focus on the factors you can control like your personal nutrition, supplements and always remember to maintain a regular exercise and breathing flows.


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