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Meeting Kambo The Frog That Changed My Life!

Meeting Kambo The Frog That Changed My Life!

As I progressed unstoppable on the journey of healing from psoriasis,  I struck my luck when stumbling upon a frog that "saved" my life. Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition that flares up your skin making rash spots that multiply as you scratch them. Psoriasis is naturally known to make you want to hide from any onlookers' eyesight and literally cling to yourself in the dark exacerbating negative thoughts of fear. Being in that state for long periods of time can definitely lead to something as severe as a depression.

My depression felt roaming wide inside of myself, when on the outside I felt quite alright, however, deep below the surface there was a burning sensation of discomfort and passive anger until I've discovered the Kambo medicine.

What is Kambo?

Kambo the Amazonian magic frog

Kambo is a sacred medicine of the Amazon. Gathered from Phillamedusa - a jungle frog that to safeguard itself from predators has gland secretion which is naturally produced and spread around its skin surface. The frog is one of the only species of the mammal's on planet Earth that has never felt neither been close to feeling the emotion of fear. This frog repels its predators with the intoxicating compounds of its skin's secretion, making their stomachs convulse and purge if they try to consume Phillamedusa. On the biochemical level, this secretion has a bunch of really potent chemical compounds that promote pain relief, detoxification and even eradication of cancer cells. 

Kambo Secretion's "Secret" Ingredients

Kambo has been referred to as “a fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequalled by any other amphibian” by Vittorio Erspamer who is a renown scientist of the University of Rome.

At a glance, the secretion of the Kambo contains over 120 peptides and neuropeptides. 


Some of them – Dermorphin & Deltorphin — the most powerful painkillers without addiction effect. 


Phyllomedusin & Phyllocaerulein — these are powerful purgers of toxins and anaerobic bacteria.


Dermaseptin is a strong promoter of antimicrobial activity against normal bacteria, yeast fungi.


Trypophyllins is another active peptide that is potent against the yeast candida Albans.


To top this up, Kambo has a very prominent peptide that fights cancer cells according to some academic studies research is called Dermaseptin B2.


Currently, there is further research being carried out in the areas to assess effectiveness in working with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression, migraines, blood circulation issues, cancer, fertility issues, AIDS and Hepatitis. The jungle tribes have used Kambo to heal from Malaria and it's proven very effective to before going on a hunt as the medicine promotes focus and concentration. The elders also believe the effect of Kambo is to lift and cleanse the Panema or "bad luck". 

Kambo and the Western world

Among the Western world, Kambo Cleanse effect has become avidly popular thanks to the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP). This is prominently due to its potent purging out of toxins, giving confidence and bringing clarity in people's lives. 

My experience meeting the Frog

To put it frankly, I was not going to take Kambo originally due to my presence at an Ayahuasca ceremony that weekend. But stars were on my side guiding me to travel into this for me yet an unknown area of Amazon's "Sagrada medicina". My first experience with Kambo the Frog was with my healing mentor, Alex Korjavine, who simply suggested that Kambo goes symbiotically with Ayahuasca (ie the morning after the ceremony is the best time to take Kambo). I've taken his worlds for granted and oh boy, I did not regret it. But being fully frank, I was fearsome as any intelligent human being, so why would you actually pay for something that would lead you into having your guts practically spewed out? However, a guiding voice of mother Ayahuasca pointed me to the Kambo healing ceremony. 

The Kambo Healing Ceremony

There were only 6 of us with the buckets in the room apart from the curandero, Alex and his assistant Josh. One of the worst things (still is to me to this day) for me is to have to skol the 2.2 L of water in a short period of 10 mins! In the Amazon, they don't drink water at all - they just fast for a day and take Kambo "dry". In the heavily regulated by laws Australia, this is obviously a definite requirement to consume plenty of water and be food free for at least 12 hours prior to the ceremony. 

Kambo secretion points on a stick

Here's a video of my preparation for Kambo healing ceremony drinking water 

After a long chat to us explaining the pros and contraindications of the medicine, Alex picked me as the first person to receive Kambo. I then realised this was my blessing to go first and I still honour this moment. The simple reasoning behind this is if you are first in the queue to receive treatment, then you'd not have to wait and watch others take Kambo with a prolonged purging their guts out. 

The Application of Points

Applying Kambo points

Each time I've done Kambo, the curandero would ask how many points and where I'd like to receive them. For every point, you receive a slight burn with a charcoal stick making little "windows" on the surface of your skin. This enables the medicine to enter the body via the lymphatic system - being the most conducive method of entry for healing.

It's a common tradition for guys to have them on the shoulder and girls apply these points on their feet.  It's safe to trail only one point and then from 3 points, then progressively increasing it as your body resistance builds up. However, as my future, 6 sessions suggested this may not always be the case. One of these sessions was so profoundly strong and purgatory from my foot having applied only 3 points. Mind you, I had to take this one after 9 points (around chakra points) at a time in the previous session. This suggested that the place of impact plays a great role in the process. 

The Cycle of Kambo purging  

For a brand new person to a Kambo cleanse treatment, a single test point is applied to ascertain the correct dosage.

The cocktail of chemical components in the Kambo secretion - namely peptides, trigger sequential reactions in the body:

1. You feel the blood rushes to your head. Your face swallows like the head of a frog.
2. Then the blood drops phenomenally low wanting you to faint.
3. After this, your abdominal muscle becomes really tight and begins to squeeze the stomach juice and whatever's left in there (in our case it's water). 
4. You purge! Here's a video snapshot of my body detox-cleansing-purge.

5. After a few rounds, you may wish to have another water to freshen it up.
6. Once the purges are over, you get so at peace and relaxed that bed becomes your best friend for the next half hour. And if your curandero good enough, you'd enjoy a few of his songs (just like this one).
7. Feeling hungry? Alas, you wouldn't have time to flinch you'd get a bowl of freshly chopped fruit to enjoy now after your fast and the ceremony is over.

Your internal organs and intestines have now purged of all the toxins, and your blood has had a massive increase in white cell production. The purge itself and the blood cells increase create harmonious conditions for a greatly robust and resilient immune system. 

Psychodelic Kambo frog

source: Mattbelair.com

The Verdict

By and large, Kambo is not so traditional to the West medicine that can be dismissed as "not your cuppa tea" for the reasons of Kambo making people purge. However, the purge itself is mandatory as it brings purification and detoxification of the body and internal organs. Kambo is an antidote for cleansing your body allowing it to realise its full potential. There is a great chance of you feeling rejuvenated, focused, calm and alive following the treatment. 

Ready to try? Click on the links below to find more info on price and schedules for ceremonies in your area.

Where to do Kambo in Australia?

Kambo Healing Facebook Group (Sydney, Australia)

Kambo Treatment Facebook Group (for Australia)

 Kambo the frog




  • Ilya

    Thank you for your question, Johan. Albeit it is difficult to pin the result of the Kambo treatments I have received over a period of 18 months, 6 times combined. Since the effect of Kambo is like an addition to all of the factors, foods, lifestyle and exercise I adjust my life to, I dare say it helped in the long run. Right now it has resulted in a major remission and improved skin condition overall. I will post photos soon!

  • Johan

    I’m curious.. Did it reduce your Psoriasis?

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