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How Your Food Choice Today Will Impact On The Life Of A Generation?

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How Your Food Choice Today Will Impact On The Life Of A Generation?

Being unhealthy isn’t on anybody's favourite list of things really.

The painful truth is, over 39% of the world population in the industrialised countries are overweight (WHO research, 2014). But the actual problem arises when, of course still being in good health, we choose to be ignorant of this matter. However, you and I are still paying for the ill health of others from our own pockets. This goes out from our taxes to support the healthcare system that helps treat these people for having the heart, gut or other related problems.

So, why should we waste our money to cure diseases when they can be prevented altogether?

Since we’re what we eat, or spoken in biochemical terminology, we’re what we absorb, the foundation of the state of our wellbeing lies in the elimination of the poor nutritional habits like consuming sugar, dairy, wheat produce or alcohol etc. This will not be the cause of some hereditary disease of course. But ironically many of our eating habits are formed from the childhood and are greatly influenced by our parents.

My most notorious nutrition habit was to overindulge in pasta and milk products.

Yep,not a single day went by without having a glass of milk for brekky, a bowl of pelmeni (Russian dumplings), a quick mac & cheese meal, bliny (Russian pancakes), piroshki (Russian pies), cheesy pizza or a comforting spaghetti Bolognese. I did, however, manage to overcome this health destructive pattern by going gluten and dairy free for the last three years. But I did NOT just cut all the gluten and dairy products out of my diet (which can be painful and even psychologically traumatising). Instead, I switched to the relatively healthier substitutes for pasta and bread with rice, variations of gluten-free grains like buckwheat, teff, quinoa and amaranth. All dairy was replaced with rice, almond or coconut milk. To surprise your taste buds there are cashew and coconut cheeses available in your local supermarkets.

I must confess this wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. That is how our 20-million-old brain has evolved to perceive any form of change will require more effort and more energy making us “want" to stick to the common habitual behaviour patterns. The truth is this is just a natural way for the brain to best preserve the energy vital for survival. As the Russian proverb has it, “Our fear has the biggest eyes”.

Well, one thing is for sure, if you do this right you will be surprised how much lighter and healthier your body will feel. And when you feel good you are naturally happier. In this state, you will have the energy to influence by example on your friends and family, and the society, in the long run, making the world a healthier place.

So, let us know what nutrition habit you wish you could change. Is there an eating pattern that you feel is making you gain weight or drains of energy (like dining less than 3 hrs before sleep)?

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