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"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.)

Ilya Shirshov love cooking pickled food

Hello, World!

I am a 30+ years old Russian-born bloke from Siberia, Russia. Currently, I live in Sydney, Australia where I work in photography, videographyIT consulting. In my free time, love travelling, sometimes just camping-style. One of my hobbies is to find, test and recommend psoriasis remedies for people who're also affected. 
From the photo above, you may have already guessed that I am an amateur pickler, and my favourite thing is cooking healthy foods! However, things in life don't happen without a reason, and so in 2016, I launched this health & wellness website healthandnutritionguru.com to help people affected by psoriasis.


Whoop! Whoop! But there’s more to explain my excitement...


Pain as the catalyst

Diagnosed with an autoimmune illness (psoriasis) in 2013, against all recommendations of the doctors advising to avoid any stress, I have found myself increasingly frustrated with the fact that my good health and healthy skin will be covered with red rashes, flake, scale, and never be the same again! You see, psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects more than 6 million people in the United States (WHO)! The research suggests that the main cause is when your immune system mistakenly identifies that there's a threat and starts producing skin cells too quickly. This results in a thick built up layers of skin that eventually becomes inflamed and very itchy. Ouch!
How to heal Psoriasis on shins


The doc's resolution

My dermatologist, during my personal visit, very professionally and kindly suggested that there's no cure for my psoriasis condition. As the best alternative treatment for psoriasis, I was recommended to temporarily relieve the symptoms with steroids and some minimal dieting. Besides, western medicine even denies the fact that alcohol is a major factor affecting the skin condition to be worse. 
As a result of my 30-day treatment of psoriasis with steroids, not only this had just a temporary relief but exacerbated my condition to be at its worst! Oh, shit... In the aftermath of the next few weeks, the plaque stains had spread to both of my shins, elbows, and the facial parts.


In search of treatment for psoriasis

When on my holiday trip to Vietnam, I persisted in searching for treatment for psoriasis. I found some naturopathy supplements derived from concoctions based on seeds and herbs. AU$500 got me the 3 months worth of supplies that could fit inside a medium size box! Imagine what would a perplexed face of the customs officer look like when checking my luggage for anything suss and finding the hundreds of packs of homeopathic granules and tubes with black, brown and white liquids inside. OMG, right! This time the luck was on my side this time, and I was directed to pass freely via the green corridor. Yeah!
Three months went by and this proven to be just another temporary relief from psoriasis. My skin condition would stabilise but once the batch was over, I still had more than 70% of skin affected.
About three years later, I finally struck my luck to find a Sydney based naturopath, who actually made my skin looking cleaner and healthier than ever, and psoriasis had almost disappeared. Over the next 5 years the condition removed up to 95% of psoriasis plaque which was largely attributed to following the elimination diet, lifestyle adjustments, yoga and meditation practices, and food supplements that I talk about in my blog.
Hey, it's not just the normal people who are affected. Here's an image of a celebrity who is rather well-known worldwide.

Kim Kardashian affected by psoriasis

The verdict 

All these years and money spent would have been avoided if I REALLY EMBRACED THE KNOWLEDGE about these simple truths :


1. You are what you eat. 

2. Your body is your temple. 

3. Expect to only get out from what you've put in.


...you can say it in many ways but the truth is evident - our knowledge of balanced nutrition diet is the key to good health.

So here I am now locked on this luminous quest to find ways to help people just like yourself on the journey to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life possible psoriasis free. 


I sincerely thank you for your interest in the well-being of yourself and your family. Thank you for understanding that our food choice today will affect the life of the generations to come.


Yours in health,


Ilya Shirshov

Ilya Shirshov

founder - HealthNutritionGuru.com


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